Seasonal home maintenance checklist

Your Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist: Protect Your Home and Save Money

As a homeowner, it’s important to stay on top of property maintenance tasks throughout the year to ensure the longevity, value, and comfort of your home. One effective approach is to create a seasonal home maintenance checklist that addresses specific tasks for each time of the year.

In this post, we will guide you through a comprehensive seasonal home maintenance checklist to keep your property in excellent condition throughout the year.


  • Inspect and clean gutters and downpipes: Remove debris to ensure proper water flow and prevent water damage to your home.
  • Check your roof: Look for loose or damaged tiles, and address any leaks or issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Inspect and clean windows: Check for any cracks or damage, clean the windows, and repair or replace damaged frames.
  • Check your exterior paintwork. Patch up any flaking areas, and consider arranging decorating works for the summer.
  • Spring is a good time for a general clear out and spring clean! Consider hiring professionals to assist with a one-off clean, general repairs and home or garden clearance.



  • Maintain your lawn and garden: Regularly mow the lawn, trim shrubs, and water plants. Apply fertiliser, remove weeds, and address any pest or disease issues.
  • Inspect and clean outdoor furniture and barbecue: Check for signs of wear, and clean and repair as needed to ensure they are in good condition for outdoor activities.
  • Test and clean outdoor lighting: Ensure that all outdoor lights are working correctly and clean any dirt or debris that may have accumulated.
  • Check and repair paths and driveways: Inspect for cracks, uneven surfaces, or damage and schedule repairs or seal coating if necessary.
  • Clean patios and decking with a jetwash to prevent them getting slippery.
  • Repair and paint fences and other external woodwork, such as window frames and doors.
  • Prune any large trees or shrubs that are close to your home. These can consume water, potentially leading to subsidence.
  • Trim any climbing plants and don’t let them grow across windows or guttering.



  • Clear leaves and debris: Regularly remove fallen leaves from gutters, lawns, and paths to prevent clogging and slippery conditions.
  • Schedule a professional chimney inspection and get it swept.
  • Check and maintain heating systems: Service your boiler or heating system and bleed your radiators.
  • Seal gaps and cracks: Inspect windows, doors, and other areas for drafts. Seal any gaps or cracks to improve energy efficiency and keep the cold air out.
  • Clean your garden furniture and store it away.



  • Prevent frozen pipes: Insulate exposed pipes, allow taps to drip during freezing temperatures, and keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.
  • Check fences and trees for damage after storms. Fix them promptly to prevent a fall causing further problems.
  • Prune trees to avoid loose or dead branches coming down in strong winds, and tether any large garden items, such as trampolines.
  • Remove snow and ice: Clear snow from driveways, paths, and entrances promptly to prevent accidents and ensure safe access to your home.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Check batteries and test detectors to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Open windows occasionally to prevent damp.
  • Wipe condensation off wooden window frames to prevent rot.


Regularly review your checklist

By creating a seasonal home maintenance checklist, you can stay organised and ensure that you don’t overlook any important maintenance tasks throughout the year. From inspecting and cleaning gutters in spring to addressing frozen pipes in winter, each season brings unique maintenance requirements. Regularly reviewing and completing the tasks on your checklist will help maintain the value, functionality, and safety of your home. Remember, it’s always beneficial to consult professionals for complex maintenance tasks and address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

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